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Completed and Ongoing Projects
A list of projects realized to date:

Kubical is a new nightclub experience in which the guests pass through draping fabrics of light to arrive at the dancefloor. Imagine the dancefloor is a space filled with light which you can dance around, and light that dances around you. 


The project is the result of a collaboration between DJ Benjol and Gaia, who decided to work together after both participating in the Metabolica nights in Vienna, Austria.

The project has been realised as a regular night time event at the new bar Kaelderkold next to the Ramblas.

Green Fire 
Project realized at the World Music Festival Esperanzah! in Barcelona. Light projections were made onto trees and bushes surrounding the music stage adding to the ambiance of the festival.
Gaia Gaoi visuals at Relations gig in New York City at The Mercury Lounge.  
Feedback Symphony
Feedback Symphony is a performative project which explores the relationship between computer-based and hand-drawn graphics, begun by myself (Gaia Gaoi) and Antonio Roberts.
The project has been shown at The Wrong, New Media Biennale at Mutuo Art Centre in Barcelona as an audio-visual performance projected onto hanging nets whilst spectators walked through them, immersing themselves in the installation.



Magic Lantern
The Magic Lantern is a show where the performance reinvents itself through new media. Music, digital art and dance unite in the same space to transport the spectator into a suspended reality.

Special structures are designed to let light both pass and be reflected. They encircle the trapeze for an acrobatic performance in the air, and are attached to a dancer like wings of light. 

The spectacle has been shown in Barcelona at: La Felpa, El Otto and La Fanfábrika Circus.
Stinfunk Jam Sessions

The project was in collaboration with the Stinkfunk live jam sessions. Visuals were made by Gaia Lao (Gaia Gaoi and Kerian Lao).


The events took place at the Rose lounge bar, Barcelona.



Sol Symphony

The project was realized during a collaboration  between myself (Gaia Gaoi) and Kerian Lao. We joined forces as digital painters to create the visual duo Gaia Lao. Together we developed the potential of new technology to advance the static and fixed idea of a painting. 


The goal of the Sol Symphony is to create an interactive environment in a social setting through immersive light art. Spectators were invited to participate by forming a part of the installation of light. 


Sol Symphony has been shown at Brick5, Vienna and La Felpa, Barcelona 

Aqua Lux

This project experiments with the effects of light projection and water. Reflection, refraction and the interference of light and water waves are explored to create breathtaking natural phenomena. 



Synthetic Dialog

The project was realized in Ljubljana, Slovenia at Pri Zelenem Zajcu, January 2013, with local DJ group, Synthetic Dialog.




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